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some nice source for inspiration part 2

As I thought my first part of inspirational source was quite briefly, I go a little bit further now and show you some more sources I have bookmarked on my netvibes account (believe me, my account is really crowded).

1. movingweb

moving web website

2. Notcot

notcot website

3. netdiver

netdiver website

4. Type for you

type for you website

5. I believe in advertising

i believe in advertising website

6. Illegal advertising

illegal advertising website

7. tutorial blog

tutorial blog

8. smashing magazine

smashing magazine

9. Illustration class

illustration class website

10. cool hunting website

cool hunting website

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Just missed

some nice sources for inspiration

Due to the fact that I am quite busy these days. I am not able to post some new stuff to my blog.But as I am still looking for nice things on the web I thought it might be a good idea to recommend some good spots to find some inspiration. So here you get […]

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